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Comprehensive Employee Benefit Solutions

When partnering with Clear Benefits, you're not simply opting for another insurance provider on the market. You're making a choice to align yourself with a devoted ally, a partner that goes the extra mile in understanding the intricate needs of your business. This commitment signifies our unwavering dedication to ensuring the holistic well-being, absolute security, and genuine peace of mind for every member of your pharmacy staff..

Our meticulously designed insurance solutions emerge from an intensive research process, rooted in a profound understanding of the distinct challenges and intricacies faced by independent community pharmacies. Beyond just insurance, we offer a relationship based on trust, transparency, and the shared goal of a prosperous and safeguarded future for your establishment.

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Our Values

Clear Benefits is on a mission to empower independent pharmacies and enhance patient care outcomes through expert Medicare assistance. Our vision is to secure the future viability of independent pharmacies while ensuring that your patients receive the care they deserve. By prioritizing ethical decision-making, patient well-being, and pharmacy success, we're able to create a comprehensive approach that benefits all stakeholders involved.

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Why Clear Benefits Stands Out


With agents across all states, our licensed insurance professionals provide localized expertise, ensuring that your pharmacy team and your patients receives the best, most comprehensive coverage tailored to their specific needs and concerns.


We bring a streamlined, hassle-free turnkey solution, designed to reduce administrative overhead. Our system is built for simplicity, ensuring that pharmacies can focus more on their core operations and less on insurance intricacies.


Our value-packed insurance offerings ensure high returns. We've crafted our solutions keeping your needs in mind, guaranteeing competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of benefits and coverage.

Our professional team

Our team is a unique blend of experts in pharmacy, technology, and customer service. This combination of expertise allows us to make a significant difference for our clients every day. 

john crumly, d. ph., mha
John Crumly, D. Ph., MHA CEO / Executive Director
stefan mullins
Stefan Mullins Manager of Operations and Sales
matt nichols
Matt Nichols Vice President, Enterprise Operations

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